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Watch Your Gummy Supplements

Published October 10, 2022

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Gummy Supplements and Constipation

No doubt you’ve seen that gummies have taken over the kid’s supplement market. Gummy multivitamins, minerals, and herbal formulations are available for any supplement you could think of. But are they as effective as their counterparts and do they carry any risks for use? Let’s take a look! 


Watch Out for Added-Sugar 

Gummies are appealing to kids for an obvious reason, they resemble candy. They also generally contain added sugar for palatability, this can range from 2-6 gm of added sugar per serving. Kids less than 2 are not recommended to have any added sugars and kids over the age of 2 should not exceed 25 gm of added sugars a day. Other additives in gummy supplements include sugar alcohols, which can cause cramping and bloating, waxes used for coating/glazing, and added colors and flavors that are labeled as “natural.” 

Summary - Gummy supplements usually have added sugar.

What Does Natural Mean? 

Not much! You may think “natural” means natural ingredients. But does it? The USDA and FDA regulate food labels in the USA. According to the USDA’s guidelines, a “natural” product cannot contain artificial ingredients and should be minimally processed. Being minimally processed is defined as processing the food in a manner that does not fundamentally alter the product. The FDA states that if a food product is labeled as “natural”, nothing artificial, such as artificial food coloring, has been added to it. Additionally, the FDA does not consider the word “natural” on food as describing any nutritional or health benefits.

Summary - If the word "Natural" is on the label, it doesn't mean much.

Are Fiber Gummies as Effective?

Maybe. Another issue with gummy supplements is the content of active ingredients cannot be guaranteed as can with a powdered supplement with minimal ingredients. 

Summary - Active ingredients in gummies may be inaccurate.

A Fiber Gummy Supplement vs. Begin for Constipation Relief

If you are trying to decide what to do when it comes to a fiber supplement for your child, I recommend Begin! Begin Health Prebiotics has a guaranteed 3 gm of fiber and 500 mg of HMOs. Our uncomplicated formulation provides 2 safe and effective ingredients without added fillers or flavors and delivers on our promise of softer, easier to pass stools!

Summary - Begin's Growing Up Prebiotic is better than a fiber gummy for constipation relief!
Kate Gerwick MD

Kate Gerweck, MS RD LD

Kate Gerweck is a Registered Dietitian based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Kate Gerweck specializes in pediatric nutrition and kids’ constipation.