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Science-forward digestive health for toddlers and kids

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Helps kids’ poop ‘slip out better’. A high quality and gentle blend for regular poopies, predictable potty time and improved gut health.

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Try Growing Up Prebiotics

28 Servings of Growing Up Prebiotics

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Try Growing Up Prebiotics

56 Servings of Growing Up Prebiotics

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Best for Starting Your Gut Healthy Habit

28 Servings of Growing Up Prebiotics

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Best for Starting Your Gut Healthy Habit

56 Servings of Growing Up Prebiotics

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63 Servings of Growing Up Prebiotics (includes 7 Individual Packets)

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Friendly fiber on-the-go!

A high quality and gentle blend designed to nourish growing toddlers’ and kids’ developing gut microbiome.






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"We use Begin Growing Up Prebiotics daily. My son reminds me to put the “poop” vitamin into his orange juice bottle every morning. He says his poop “slips out” better. He is prone to constipation so this is good news!"

Larissa F.
Mom to 7 yr. old

San Mateo, CA


“I tried half dose today and my son who has digestive issues, went twice without meds!"

Caroline I.
Mom to 4 yr. old

Henrico, VA


"My one year old daughter was having a lot of trouble pooping. With Begin, she now goes multiple times a day with no issues! It really does work like a charm...we’re calling it her “tummy magic!"

Deon K.
Dad to 1 yr. old

San Francisco, CA


"My kids are 3 and 1 and we give this to them in the morning to regulate their tummies before afternoon naps. We used a different brand before but this one is working so well and is tasteless!"

Mary Grace M.
Mom to 1yr. and 3yr. old

Tallahassee, FL


"Just have to say after using for a few weeks, I won't go a day without giving this to her! If we skip a day I know because she doesn't have her BM at her usual time. It is such a relief as a mom of two littles to know when things are happening and that her gut is healthy & happy!"

Clare H.
Mom to 3yr. old

Midlothian, VA


"My toddler has been potty trained for over a year but we were still finding her hiding in the corner to pass uncomfortable bowel movements. Since beginning Begin's Prebiotic, we haven't found her hiding but instead going on the potty with softer stools. We mix it in her milk every morning and she can't seem to taste the difference. We love it!"

Kristen M.
Mom to 1yr. and 3yr. old

Liberty Township, OH


"My daughter is pretty independent in the bathroom. However, she doesn't spend nearly as much time there as she has in the past. She hasn't been constipated since starting Growing Up Prebiotics which was not the case prior to this prebiotic. She loves putting it in her water every morning and her stomach which has been great! She is going like clockwork!"

Jen K.
Mom to 5 yr. old

Clinton, PA


"My son was pretty regular to start, but I have loved knowing when he will go 💩(it's been like an hour after breakfast and his "belly milk"). Super helpful as he was recently potty trained!"

Court Z.
Mom to 2yr. old

Arnold, PA

Friendly fiber

Begin Growing Up Prebiotics provide 3 grams of high quality plant based fiber from chicory rootthat can be consumed conveniently on-the-go. 95% of toddlers and kids (and adults!) don’t consume the recommended amount of daily fiber😯

  • Helps to regulate normal intestine function
  • Helps to improve bowel movements and regularity
  • Supports a healthy and balanced digestive system
Suggested daily fiber by age chart 


Mix into any drink

Yogurt or baby food

Mashed super foods


“I add unflavored Begin Growing Up Prebiotics in his daily water bottle. It’s amazing he doesn’t notice because if there’s any difference in thickness or texture he would be the first to call it out! He’s that kid!”

- Jessica,
Glenview, IL

a five star ingredient

For immune-nourishing support

Human milk is truly magnificent. We know it to be a powerful source of essential nutrients that sustain a baby’s early life.

Curiously the third most abundant component of human milk is a group of complex carbohydrates known as Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs). HMOs nourish the infant’s healthy intestinal bacteria.

In other words, HMOs feed the ‘friendly’ gut bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, where we know 70% of the immune system is located!

2’-FL HMO is a groundbreaking step toward nourishing good gut microbes that is now available beyond the breastfeeding years.

Growing Up Prebiotics is the first prebiotic supplement for toddlers and kids ages 1+ developed with Prebilac® 2’-FL HMO for immune-nourishing support.

Prebilac® 2’-FL HMO is supported by findings in clinical intervention studies in infants with demonstrated benefits that support digestive health, gut comfort and softer stools.

Biome’s first footsteps

Early life events shape the developing gut microbiome

Baby’s birth

Studies show that birth methods contribute to different gut microbiomes. Babies born vaginally shared their mom’s gut microbiome more than those delivered by C-section.


about one third of babies
are born via c-section

Early Feeding

After birth, the leading determinant of infant gut microbial colonization is breastfeeding. Studies show that breastfeeding is associated with higher levels of Bifidobacterium.


mom’s no longer exclusively breastfeeding by 3 months


Antibiotics can be life saving! While they can kill the bad bacteria, they can also damage the good gut bacteria, which can lead to an imbalance in the gut called dysbiosis.


of toddlers are exposed to antibiotics before age 3

Picky eater

The developing gut microbiome thrives on healthful nutrition. Picky eaters can impact their gut microbiome health by not eating the fiber needed to feed the good gut bugs.


of moms consider their
kids a picky eater

Smart ingredients

A prebiotic blend backed by science and nature

Human Milk Oligosaccharide

HMOs are a groundbreaking science-forward ingredient that offers a macromolecular structure identical to the one found in mom’s breast milk.

HMOs nourish the intestinal gut bacteria to foster a more resilient gut microbiome.

Ingredient sourced from Germany

Chicory root fiber

Chicory root inulin is a high quality source of plant based fiber extracted from the chicory root plant.

3g of chicory root fiber helps to support digestive comfort, regularity and softer stools.

Ingredient sourced from Belgium and Chile

Blended and packaged in the USA

Our team

We are a team of moms, nutrition scientists, pediatricians, and dreamers who believe kids’ health can and should be better, for our families and yours.

Kids are our future, but the demands of modern parenthood often force hard tradeoffs between convenience and long term health.

I started Begin Health to help parents navigate their children’s health starting with the command center of the growing little body -- the gut.

Our mission is to accompany you, to be your #1 ally on your journey as a parent. And to succeed together in raising children that are happy and healthy.


Madeline Lauf
Founder of Begin Health