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Say Goodbye To Your

Kiddo's Constipation

A Daily Prebiotic For Toddlers & Kids

✅  Tasteless & textureless, perfect for picky eaters

🌱  3g fiber per serving

👦  for ages 1+

4.9/5 stars in 500+ Reviews

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4.9/5 stars in 500+ Reviews

Helps kids’ poop ‘slip out better’. A high quality, gentle blend for regular poopies, predictable potty time and improved gut health for ages 1+.

Includes 28 individual packets



When Will My Little One See Results?

After 6 weeks of daily, continued use, clinical studies on our chicory root fiber in kids demonstrated:

  • an increase in stooling frequency

  • softer stooling consistency

  • decrease in pain

Growing Up Prebiotics are designed for kids age 1+ to:

  • help with softer stooling

  • improve the friendly bacteria

Growing Up Prebiotics have supported over 33,000 parents

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4.9/5 stars in 500+ Reviews

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children. A randomised clinical trial: pilot study, International Journal of Food Sciences and rial: pilot study, International Journal of Food Sciences and
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