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5 Reasons Switching Quiz

Stop trying things that will never work...

Here are the 5 reasons why moms are switching to these prebiotics to relieve their kid's constipation

1. They feed the good bacteria in their gut to improve digestion, regularity and relieve constipation long-term.

2. It's a high-quality, plant-based source of fiber from chicory root that can be conveniently consumed on-the-go.

3. They're perfect for picky eaters because they're unflavored and can be mixed with any drink.

4. It contains human Milk Oligosaccharide PREBILAC® 2'-FL HMO — it offers a macromolecular structure identical to the one found in mom’s breast milk.

5. They're developed by a team of moms, nutrition scientists and pediatricians on a mission to make a formula that you can feel good about giving to your kids.

What do other moms think?

It’s really hard as a mom to not be able to help their kiddo. (…) we use a full packet every morning in his water and juice. And I’m telling you,he goes everyday, there’s no pain associated with it. (…)"

Find out if Begin Growing Up Prebiotics can help your kid's constipation and digestive issues.