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Stop trying things that will never work...

Here are the 5 reasons why moms are switching to these prebiotics to relieve their kid's constipation

1. They feed the good bacteria in their gut to improve digestion, regularity and relieve constipation long-term.

2. It's a high-quality, plant-based source of fiber from chicory root that can be conveniently consumed on-the-go.

3. They're perfect for picky eaters because they're unflavored and can be mixed with any drink.

4. It contains human Milk Oligosaccharide PREBILAC® 2'-FL HMO — it offers a macromolecular structure identical to the one found in mom’s breast milk.

5. They're developed by a team of moms, nutrition scientists and pediatricians on a mission to make a formula that you can feel good about giving to your kids.

Growing Up Prebiotics


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