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Tired of laxatives and meds not working to relieve their constipation?

Here are the 5 reasons moms are switching to Begin Growing Up Prebiotics


Helps kids poop without pain, soften their stools, become more regular, and improve overall gut health.


Made with chicory root, a research-backed source of fiber that relieves constipation, increases bowel movements, and improves digestion.


The only other ingredient is Milk Oligosaccharide PREBILAC® 2'-FL HMO, also backed by studies to be more effective than cow’s milk to promote optimal growth and gut health.


Perfect for picky eaters because they’re unflavored and can be mixed into any drink and also be consumed on the go.


Developed by a team of moms, nutrition scientists, and pediatricians who believe kid’s health can and should be better.

"So happy we found something that finally works!!"


Kelly S.

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