Can We Have Begin if We are Lactose Intolerant?

Can my Kid use Begin Growing up Prebiotics if She Has a Lactose Intolerance or Sensitivity?

We get this question all of the time! The short answer is ‘yes’! We have lots of loyal Beginners who have lactose sensitivities and intolerances. But, as parents ourselves we want to understand why it is OK for a lactose intolerant kid to have Growing up Prebiotics. So, we took this question to our favorite nutrition scientist, David Madsen, PhD. Let’s talk about the details so that you can be assured Growing Up Prebiotics are right for your family.

Take it away David! 

The Ingredient Lactose Gets Converted to 2’FL

Growing up Prebiotics has an ingredient called “2’-FL HMO”. This prebiotic is manufactured using Lactose as a starting material. Lactose is a sugar found in milk and milk products. Fermentation is a safe and well-known process that we use to convert the lactose to 2’-FL HMO, which is then used to manufacture our product.

Almost all Lactose is Converted to 2’FL

The vast majority of the Lactose is changed to the 2’-FL.  The residual amount of Lactose, determined after rigorous testing, cannot exceed a level of 0.8% of the product; this works out to a maximum of 4.0 milligrams of Lactose per packet of the product.

4.0 Milligrams of Lactose per Packet Does Not Cause Symptoms

Let’s put this in context. When you ask: “is 4.0 milligrams enough Lactose to cause symptoms in my toddler?” The answer lies in the Science, and the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

12,000.0 Milligrams is the Cutoff that Causes Symptoms

The American Academy of Pediatrics (Heyman, link reference) states that Lactose intolerance can be demonstrated with 12 grams of lactose. That’s the amount in an 8 oz glass of milk. 

A Begin Growing up Prebiotic Sachet is 0.03 Percent of the Dose that Can Cause Symptoms

The amount of lactose in Begin is 4.0 milligrams versus 12 grams (12,000 mg) in a glass of milk (which can cause symptoms). Yes, that is .03 percent of a dose that can cause symptoms. 

Putting this another way:

  • The recommended Pediatric tolerance test gives lactose at 2.0 grams for each kilogram of body weight – about the amount in a glass of milk.
  • The Lactose in the Begin product is 0.016 percent of that test dose!!!
Summary - David's Takeaway? Go for it! These amounts of Lactose, compared to what is known to induce symptoms, are what may be called “vanishingly small”. We listen carefully to our customers, and to date we have not had a report of a Lactose-reaction. But if you are concerned, talk to your pediatrician! If you share this information with your pediatrician; we are sure that the response will be: “Nothing to see here!”.

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